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Automatic Tyre Inflator

Protech’s Automatic Tyre Inflator I Deflator is a microprocessor based system, using latest embedded technology with inflation and deflation function. It is fully automatic and safe device to inflate tyres accurately to a preset pressure. The unit is designed to use minimal compressed air thereby avoiding wastage of compressed air. The system is absolutely weather proof, robust and elegant in design.

Protech’s Automatic Tyre Inflator I Deflator are available in two different models Single Display (702s) and Double Display (702D). In model 702s (Single Display), both the set pressure and tyre pressure are displayed in one display with reference to icon on the front panel. In model 702D (Double Display), the set pressure and tyre pressure are displayed in two different display.

As most of the modern vehicles are fitted with state of the art suspension system, accurate tyre pressure is important to get excellent performance. Protech Automatic Tyre Inflator give’s the required accuracy.

Product Features

  • Increase I Decrease key on front panel for setting pressure.
  • Change over switch to display in Kgs/ on front panel.
  • Automatic setting of filling speed.
  • Elegant design.
  • Touch sensitive long life keys.
  • Key for back light control.
  • Remote control unit (wireless) to set desired pressure. (Optional)
  • Cabinet as per IP 65.

Safety Features

  • Avoids over inflation (saves compressed air in turn saves power)
  • Watch dog circuit to monitor all electronic circuits and solenoids in every cycle.

Technical Specifications

  • Accuracy
    : + I PSI
  • Range
    : 0 – 150 PSI
  • Display
    : 1×1 inch Backlit LCD (702s)
  • Display
      2×1 inch Backlit LCD (702D)
  • Resolution
    : 1 PSI
  • Dimensions in mm
    : 250(h) x 270(w) x 120(d)
  • Supply Voltage
    : 230v AC + 20v
  • Weight
    : 5 Kgs (Aprox)
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