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2T Oil Dispenser

Protech’s Oil Dispenser is a microprocessor based oil dispensing system. It is fully automatic and safe device to dispense oil accurately to a preset value. It is programmable to meet the changing needs. It avoids wastage of oil, which in turns saves money and high customer satisfaction. It is Electro Pneumatically operated. All the operator has to do is set the predefined amount of oil to be dispensed and press the start key. The equipment automatically dispenses the predefined set amount of oil and beeps after the operation is over. The system can also be directly connected to the petrol dispensing nozzle.

Product Features

  • Digital Displays for Amount, Quantity and cumulative oil dispensed.
  • Easy to use Preset keys to select oil quantity.
  • UP / DOWN keys for setting / changing quantity.
  • Touch sensitive long life keys.
  • Programmable cost of oil per liter.
  • Display on both sides.

Technical Specifications

  • Working Principle
    : Electro Pneumatic
  • Tank Capacity
    : 42 ltrs. (Based on customer requirement)
  • Dimensions
    : 710 (h) x 315 (w) x 570 (d) mm (Approx)
  • Operating Pressure
    : 70 PSI
  • Supply Voltage
    : 230 V AC
  • Programmable keys
    : 5
  • No. of Pumps
    : 1
  • Display
    : 1 inch (for quantity, amount)
  • Display
      16 x 2 dotmatrix display
  • Display
      (for programming and cumulative display)
  • Accuracy
    : >0.01 %
  • Optional
    : RS-485 Communication Port
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